On 05.01.2017 20:03, TomK wrote:
Hey All,


Should the DNS forwarders be updated in /etc/named.conf? Until I manually change /etc/named.conf, can't ping the windows AD cluster: mds.xyz. Nor can I get dig to resolve the SRV records (dig SRV _ldap._tcp.mds.xyz).


IPA command below indicates that it's set to 'first' but that's not what's in /etc/named.conf file when I check. Again, it works if I change /etc/named.conf manually.

Forwarder settings has priority:

named.conf < global forwarders (ipa dnsconfig-mod) < local dns server config (ipa dnsserver-*) < forwardzones (applied per query, not as global forwarder)

so what is in named.conf is usually always overwritten

How did you edited the named.conf?

Does dig @ SRV _ldap._tcp.mds.xyz. works?
Do you have any errors in journalctl -u named-pkcs11 ??


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