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On Mon, Jan 09, 2017 at 04:39:04PM +0800, Matrix wrote:
> Sorry, i did not trigger authentication at all. Just to check sssd logs. 
> around 15 minutes later, I saw below messages shown:
> (Mon Jan  9 01:46:35 2017) [sssd[be[fwmrm.net]]] [fo_set_port_status] 
> (0x0100): Marking port 0 of server 'ipa02.example.com' as 'working'
> Re-check it with authentication, failover will be happened immediately. 

Yes, then that is expected, the identity lookup was probably answered from
the cache.

> >> No, sorry, the timeouts for switching between back up and primary
> >> servers are hardcoded.
> May I know how long it will take for worst case? 

Seems to be 30 minutes:

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