Hello everyone!

I'm new to FreeIpa, so if my question is very simple just point me to the

I've installed FreeIpa on host demo3.xxx.com.
Then registred some other host demo5.xxx.com. I've used ipa add host
Then installed ipa-client and ipa-admin-tools demo5.
Checked that they worked and were able to execute commands like kinit and
ipa host-find.

On the host demo3 I've restarted service ipa (service ipa restart).
Now I'm able to execute  ipa host-find on demo3, but not able to execute
this command on demo3.
I've done kinit by 'someadmin'.
All ipa commands not working:

[root@demo5 ~]# ipa -v -d
ipa: DEBUG: Starting external process
ipa: DEBUG: args=keyctl search @s user ipa_session_cookie:somead...@xxx.com
ipa: DEBUG: Process finished, return code=1
ipa: DEBUG: stdout=
ipa: DEBUG: stderr=keyctl_search: Required key not available

ipa: DEBUG: failed to find session_cookie in persistent storage for
principal 'somead...@xxx.com'
ipa: INFO: trying https://demo3.xxx.com/ipa/json
ipa: DEBUG: Created connection context.rpcclient_41215888
ipa: INFO: Forwarding 'schema' to json server '
ipa: DEBUG: Destroyed connection context.rpcclient_41215888
ipa: ERROR: Service 'h...@demo3.xxx.com' not found in Kerberos database

It looks like my client is not connected to my server.
Any ideas how to debug this situation?

P.S. Hosts - Centos 7. DNS on demo3.

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