I have a question I could really use help with.

I should start off by saying I'm relatively new to freeipa. I'm using RedHat's IDM and I have a simple network set up with 5 machines and 12 users. I got a call to go take a look at one of the machines and the user had forgotten their password. No problem, I went into the web gui and changed the users password and asked her to log in with the simple password I provided. She attempted to, I attempted to as well, but we kept getting an authentication error.

I was able to log in with a user account. All other people were able to log in using a user account. I did a password update on a test account as I had done with hers and I was prompted to change it as per usual.

I then asked her to try another machine. She was prompted with the password change request and upon changing she logged in correctly. Luckily for me she was able to get by with using that workstation, but now I've got to figure out what is going on with the problematic one.

I've restarted the client machine and restarted the service on the server, both to no avail.

Where should I start looking?



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