Hi list.

I'm setting up a couple of FreeIPA servers and I hit an error while trying
to setup the replica. Master is fine AFAICT.
I'm running both servers on CentOS 7 and using the latest FreeIPA version:
# repoquery -i ipa-server

Name        : ipa-server
Version     : 4.4.0
Release     : 14.el7.centos.1.1

Now, the error I'm hitting is this one:
It is supposed to be fixed in 4.4 but looks like something else is
triggering it.
"future-replica" server is running fine as a client (login and kinit works
fine). ipa-replica-conncheck also passes all the tests.

I can provide logs if necessary, but they are very very similiar to the
ones in that bug report.

Any hints on what can cause that?

Thanks in advance,
Carlos Silva
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