Just upgraded to CentOS 7.3 (freeipa 4.3 -> 4.4). Seeing this in the
error logs:

[17/Jan/2017:08:41:38.057173466 -0500] WARNING: changelog: entry cache size 
512000 B is less than db size 696377344 B; We recommend to increase
the entry cache size nsslapd-cachememsize.  [17/Jan/2017:08:41:38.058266046 
-0500] Setting ncache to: 2 to keep each chunk below 4Gbytes

Is it worth increasing the changelog entry cache size? 

We're seeing high cpu utilization spikes for the ns-slapd proccess.
Roughly every 2 mins ns-slapd spikes up to 65% utilization. Could this
be the cause?



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