On (16/01/17 07:53), Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
>On su, 15 tammi 2017, Jeff Clay wrote:
>> Not sure how this stuff is usually reported, but the person below needs 
>> removed from the group.
>This is a spam bot and it is *not* on the list of subscribers. We ran
>few experiments to find out that, you can check mailing list archives.
>The spam bot actually mines the mailing list archives and sends emails
>based on that one.
>We could close down mail archives from the non-subscribers. As a negative
>result, search engines will not be able to index it and this will reduce
>your ability to search FreeIPA-related solutions via search engines.
Maybe it would help to obfuscate email addresses in HTML version of
archive (at least domain part).
And hide gzipped text version for non-subscribers.


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