Our IPA infrastructure is based entirely on servers running Fedora 21. We need (desperately) to upgrade these to C7 or RHEL. All are currently VMs.

Does it make sense to:

1. Add a new host already running C7 to increase our total servers from
   3 to 4 (call it IPA4)
2. Remove IPA1 and upgrade it to C7, install the IPA server packages
   and join it back into the collective
3. Remove IPA2 and upgrade it like IPA1. Add it back.
4. Somehow migrate the CA function to one of the C7 nodes from IPA3.
   Trash or repurpose this VM.

What's the right way to do this? If I've got it right here, what's the best way to move the CA function from the node it's on now to one of the freshly-upgraded hosts?


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