could you check command ipa user-show <users> if there is a truncation warning?

Is possible you can suffer from this bug

how many users do you have?


On 27.01.2017 13:02, Christophe TREFOIS wrote:
Hi Martin,

Thank you for your swift reply.

Here is the two parameters from that command:

   Search time limit: 2
   Search size limit: 200

Does this tell you anything?

Kind regards,

On 27 Jan 2017, at 12:25, Martin Basti <> wrote:

On 27.01.2017 12:18, Christophe TREFOIS wrote:
Dear all,

Since some time now, when we access a user details via the GUI in FreeIPA 4.4, 
we receive a

"Search result has been truncated: Configured size limit exceeded” popup. It 
seems all fields are properly loaded and updating fields etc works.

Does anybody know where this could come from and how to remove this message?

Thank you,


what is your configured search size limit (ipa config-show)?


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