On 02/01/2017 10:22 AM, deepak dimri wrote:
Hi All,

I have two IPA servers - primary and secondary running. the secondary
ipa server is installed using ipa replica image of primary.  While doing
the testing i realised that when i manually shut down my primary ipa
server making my secondary server to serve the UI. And now when i try to
access user or hosts details using my secondary server then i am getting
below error in the UI. I am able to login fine though; it is just that
when i double click on host objects then i get the error.

  An error has occurred (GATEWAY_TIMEOUT)

I am still trying to troubleshoot as why i am getting timeout error but
thought of asking the group here to see if some one can share some pointers

Many Thanks,

Hi Deepak,

please check /etc/ipa/default.conf on the secondary server and check the value of 'xmlrpc_uri'. Maybe it points to the URL of primary server and that's why you get timeouts when it is down.

Re-setting it to the secondary server itself should fix it.

Martin^3 Babinsky

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