Resolved. A bit of googling led me to some good RHEL pages as well as mailing list messages from Alex B that were concise and helpful.

To summarize for others who may have this problem:

1. Don't make changes to sssd.conf if your provider is "ipa" - in this case you work only with "ipa idrange-mod" type commands or webUI

2. The simple solution is to increase the range and restart SSSD after blowing away out of date sssd database:

# ipa idrange-mod --base-id=4000000 --range-size=1000000 EAME.COMPANY.ORG_id_range
# service sssd stop; rm -f /var/lib/sss/db/*; service sssd start

What I actually did on our IPA server was a bit more expansive. EAME was the first child domain where I had the SID to UID map issue but it would probably not have been the only one so I figured it would be safer to make sure that every child domain range had at least 1 million available IDs

Using the IPA webUI under "IPA Server" -> "ID Ranges" -> "Range Name"

I went through every single AD child domain and manually reconfigured both the "First Posix ID of the range" as well as "Number of IDs in the range" so we have at least 1,000,000 ID options in each child domain range:

APAC.COMPANY.ORG   1st-Posix=1800000000   Ids-in-range: 1000000
EAME.COMPANY.ORG   1st-Posix=1810000000   Ids-in-range: 1000000
LATAM.COMPANY.ORG  1st-Posix=1820000000   Ids-in-range: 1000000
NAFTA.COMPANY.ORG  1st-Posix=1830000000   Ids-in-range: 1000000

We are still in testing mode with less than 6 users logging in via IDM identities at the moment so it was not disruptive to make this sort of core change.


Chris Dagdigian wrote:
Hi folks,

I've posted here and gotten amazing help on our odd setup with IPA having a 1-way trust to a massive remote AD forest with 90+ domain controllers and lots of child domains.

I'm running into a strange issue where I can resolve and manage users in child domain (NAFTA.COMPANY.ORG) but I am getting failures and just discovered an interesting error that relates to resolving a user in the EAME.COMPANY.ORG forrest.

However I've also been dragged down the rabbit hole tracking down errors that turned out to be meaningless so I figured my 1st question will be "is this the error should I be focusing on?"

This is my situation:

1. "id u...@nafta.company.org" works perfectly fine - no issues at all with RBAC, sudo and hosting SSH keys etc.

2. "id u...@eame.company.org" fails with "no such user"

3. We did not configure any specific SID-UID mapping rules in sssd.conf as we had assumed we'd use the "default" behavior

After digging through the logs I found this which seems VERY clear about the root cause:

(Wed Feb 1 17:02:18 2017) [sssd[be[companyidm.org]]] [dp_get_account_info_handler] (0x0200): Got request for [0x1][BE_REQ_USER][1][name=u474...@eame.company.org] (Wed Feb 1 17:02:18 2017) [sssd[be[companyidm.org]]] [sdap_idmap_sid_to_unix] (0x0040): Object SID [S-1-5-21-299502267-823518204-725345543-201173] has a RID that is larger than the ldap_idmap_range_size. See the "ID MAPPING” section of sssd-ad(5) for an explanation of how to resolve this issue. (Wed Feb 1 17:02:18 2017) [sssd[be[companyidm.org]]] [sdap_idmap_sid_to_unix] (0x0080): Could not convert objectSID [S-1-5-21-299502267-823518204-725345543-201173] to a UNIX ID (Wed Feb 1 17:02:18 2017) [sssd[be[companyidm.org]]] [sdap_save_user] (0x0020): Failed to save user [u474...@eame.company.org] (Wed Feb 1 17:02:18 2017) [sssd[be[companyidm.org]]] [sdap_save_users] (0x0040): Failed to store user 0. Ignoring.

The error about "Object SID has a RID that is larger than ldap_idmap_range_size .." seems pretty clear. I don't think this is a 'rabbit hole' message - this seems like a real config problem on my end.

The problem is that I'm not quite sure what I should configure to resolve this. The man page for sssd-ad covers the topic but does not cover recommended configuration options.

Questions for this list:

1) Confirm that the "SID has an RID that is larger ..." error is real and worth chasing down ?

2) My understanding was that by default SSSD will hash SIDs and come up with unique UID and GID ranges that will be consistent across any machine bound to the same IDM mechanism. So I've not configured anything specific related to SID-to-UID mapping as we wanted to go with the default behavior used by SSSD. Obviously the default is not working and I've got to make a change. I just don't know what the recommended change should be. Help appreciated!

Config file details are below.


This is the sssd/sssd.conf file on the IPA server:


ldap_user_principal = nosuchattr
subdomain_inherit = ldap_user_principal
debug_level = 5
krb5_validate = True
cache_credentials = True
krb5_store_password_if_offline = True
ipa_domain = companyidm.org
id_provider = ipa
auth_provider = ipa
access_provider = ipa
ipa_hostname = usaeilidmp001.companyidm.org
chpass_provider = ipa
ipa_server = usaeilidmp001.companyidm.org
ipa_server_mode = True
ldap_tls_cacert = /etc/ipa/ca.crt
services = nss, sudo, pam, ssh
config_file_version = 2

domains = companyidm.org
memcache_timeout = 600
homedir_substring = /home

debug_level = 5


debug_level = 5




This is krb5.conf which handles the child domain and trust things ...


default = FILE:/var/log/krb5libs.log
kdc = FILE:/var/log/krb5kdc.log
admin_server = FILE:/var/log/kadmind.log

default_realm = COMPANYIDM.ORG
dns_lookup_realm = true
dns_lookup_kdc = true
rdns = false
ticket_lifetime = 24h
forwardable = yes
udp_preference_limit = 0
default_ccache_name = KEYRING:persistent:%{uid}

kdc = usaeilidmp001.companyidm.org:88
master_kdc = usaeilidmp001.companyidm.org:88
admin_server = usaeilidmp001.companyidm.org:749
default_domain = syngentaidm.org
pkinit_anchors = FILE:/etccompanyidmipa/ca.crt

db_library = ipadb.so

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