Hi list,
I have this message in the logs:

Feb 6 16:43:10 dc01 ns-slapd: [06/Feb/2017:16:43:10.157801305 +0100] NSMMReplicationPlugin - agmt="cn=masterAgreement1-dc02.myorg.local-pki-tomcat" (dc02:389): Data required to update replica has been purged from the changelog. The replica must be reinitialized.

But ipa-replica-manage re-initialize --from dc02.myorg.local does not fix the problem. Even moving away the changelog directory didn't help..

I'm running ipa-server-4.4.0-14.el7.centos.4.x86_64 and 389-ds-base-, and setup is:

#ipa-replica-manage list
Directory Manager password:

dc01.myorg.local: master
dc02.myorg.local: master

Can someone please tell me which is the correct sequence of actions to fix this issue?


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