Hi, thank you for help. 

I am running RHEL 7.3 on IPA serveres and with RHEL 7.3 clients it works really 
Trouble is on RHEL 6 machines. I have tried to add 
krb5_use_enterprise_principal = true into domain section of sssd.conf on RHEL 6 
IPA clients but problem still persists. Is there anything else that should be 
set ?  I have restarted sssd service, both on servers and client, empty 
sssd_cache and so on but I am still unable resolve users(on RHEL 6) with short 
UPN - id and getent passwd return no such user...We still have more servers on 
RHEL 6 then on RHEL 7.


> Hi,
> I just looked into RHEL 6.9 beta repos and I can see there is 
> sssd-client-1.13.3-53.el6.x86_64 version. I would like to know if with rhel 
> 6.9 will come support for using different UPN then domain name. I am talking 
> about AD trust scenario where user in AD domain sits in 
> u...@subdomain.example.com but has a UPN set to u...@example.com. It has been 
> solved in RHEL 7.3 I guess with sssd 1.14. Is ipa-client in RHEL 6.9 able to 
> handle this situation or is there any known workaround ?

This is basically a server side feature. You need an IPA server version
which is delivered with RHEL-7.3. SSSD 1.14 in 7.3 can automatically
detect if the server supports this or not. This autodetection was not
backported to 6.9 but if your servers support it you can set
'krb5_use_enterprise_principal = true' (see man sssd-krb5 for details)
on the IPA clients with older SSSD versions. 



> Thanks,
> Jan 

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