On 23.02.2017 00:47, Brian Mathis wrote:
I have a 3-node cluster running FreeIPA 4.2 on RHEL 7.2. I would like to upgrade to RHEL 7.3 / IPA 4.4, and I want to make VM snapshots that I can rollback to in case there are issues. What is the recommended approach to this?

Should services already be started when running the yum update?
It doesn't matter, updater will stop/start services as needed

Can I shut down each ipa service one by one, snapshot, then upgrade? How would replication be affected if I had to rollback to the older snapshot after other nodes had been upgraded?
You have to rollback all snapshots for the whole topology and then you can start IPA, otherwise replication conflicts may happen.
So I suggest to have snapshots of all servers before upgrade.

Or is it better to shut down all ipa services on all nodes, make snapshots, then perform the upgrade? Obviously that would bring down the domain during the upgrade, but it would better ensure integrity.
This is the best for integrity, but in case there is no/low activity on servers, then one by one snapshots may work too.


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