I'm implementing logcheck on my server and found the following message
in my logs:

> Feb 26 05:30:26 freeipa2 named-pkcs11[4935]: option 'serial_autoincrement' is 
> not supported, ignoring

>From reading
http://www.freeipa.org/page/V3/DNS_SOA_serial_auto-incrementation there
was an implementation in IPA, but it has been changed to

| Feature Management
|     Add new option like serial_remote to /etc/named.conf. This option should 
be mutually exclusive with serial_autoincrement option from IPA 3.0.
|     Do not create UI for enabling/disabling this feature. We can provide some 
boolean directly in plugin configuration, but nothing else.
| Replication
| No change from IPA 3.0.
| Updates and Upgrades
| Replace serial_autoincrement option in /etc/named.conf with serial_remote 
| Dependencies

My servers started with FreeIPA 4 - is there some configuration/upgrade
change missing?


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