On 02/26/2017 05:08 AM, Rob Verduijn wrote:
You should consider setting up a temporary vm to migrate from.
On one of your client systems, I assume you got at least 1 ipa client

Try looking at http://libguestfs.org/virt-p2v.1.html to migrate your
current system to a vm  (side effect : instant full backup)

When you got the vm up and running you can reinstall your main system
with the new os and ipa.
Then replicate the old ipa to the new one.

Hmm.  The system that runs IPA is the "network server" in my home
network.  It runs various services -- DNS, NTP, CUPS, squid, etc. -- as
well as routing between various VLANs.  So simply P2V'ing it would be
a major project in its own right.

What about this, though ...

1.  Set up a new CentOS 7 VM running IPA

2.  Replicate the IPA data from the old CentOS 6 system to the VM.

3.  Install CentOS 7 on the original system

4.  Replicate the IPA data back from the VM

Will this work?

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