On 02.03.2017 01:07, Chris Herdt wrote:
I am attempting to set up a FreeIPA 4.4.0 replica on CentOS 7.3 from a FreeIPA 3.0.0 master on CentOS 6.8 following the steps at https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/Linux_Domain_Identity_Authentication_and_Policy_Guide/upgrading.html

At this step:
ipa-replica-install --ip-address=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx --mkhomedir /var/lib/ipa/replica-info-replicaname.example.com.gpg

I get the error:
ERROR cannot connect to 'ldaps://master.example.com <http://master.example.com>'

I ran ipa-replica-conncheck and found that port 636 is not accessible:
Port check failed! Inaccessible port(s): 636 (TCP)

The port is not blocked. I'm wondering where in the configuration for FreeIPA 3.0.0 I should check the LDAPS (mis)configuration, or if there is a way I can specify to use port 389 for setting up the replica.


Chris Herdt
Systems Administrator

this is known issue only in FreeIPA 4.4.x, this will be fixed in next minor update which should be released soon to RHEL7.3 (I don't know how fast it will be in Centos)

so you can wait, or enable it manually (not nice)

sorry for troubles
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