Hello All,

I have whole bunch of linux users that i want to migrate to IPA. All these
users uses their ssh private keys (no passwords) to login into the linux
system. What steps i should be following to migrate existing linux users
seamlessly to IPA server? since the passwords are not involved i am
thinking it would be rather simple exercise.

This is what i was thinking :

1- Create linux user with same name in IPA
2- Add public cert for each user in IPA
3- I am assuming there is no configuration change in need on ipa clients as
i can login to IPA server fine with new user if thats not the case then
what configuration changes i should be doing on ipaclient?

Do i need to delete local entry of the users from the ipa client for
authentication to go through IPA and not locally? if so then can i anyway
avoid this and rather force the user to authenticate against IPA and not
locally w/out deleting the local entries?

Would truly appreciate if you can provide some direction to this use case.

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