On 09-03-17 12:08, Martin Basti wrote:
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> On 09.03.2017 11:12, Kees Bakker wrote:
>> Hey,
>> Is there an easy way to find out what the next free IP address is when 
>> adding a new
>> DNS A record? The web interface sorts the records alphabetically on "Record 
>> name",
>> even in-arpa zones. For the latter it would be more convenient to sort 
>> numerically.
> No, it depends on your system. FreeIPA is not an authoritative source of
> IP addresses, this is job for DHCP server or any network management system.

DHCP, no.
"any network management system", that would be the DNS service in our FreeIPA.

> I don't think that we should sort numerically as DNS names works with
> bytes, so ASCII sorting is better. Nothing prevents you to use
> non-numeric domain with PTR RR type.

In this case I was referring to the reverse DNS records in the in-arpa
zones. The Record Name for these zones are alway numeric, aren't they?

>> Anyway, what methods are there to know what IP address to use when adding a 
>> new
>> DNS record? Did I overlook something?
> Usually when you are adding a new A record, you know for which host it
> belongs, so you should use the IP address of the host.

I'm not talking about an existing host. I want to add a _new_ host
with a _new_ DNS A record. There is no IP address yet. And that's exactly
my problem. What IP address to pick? FreeIPA/DNS is my authority, so to speak.
But there is no simple method to find the next free IP address.

In the "old days" we had a straightforward bind configuration. I'd had to edit
two files, one for the domain zone and one for the in-arpa zone. But now the
DNS server gets its zone information from FreeIPA (through LDAP).

>> BTW. Right now I'm dumping the JSON with
>>   ipa -vv dnsrecord-find mydomain --sizelimit=99999 --all --structured  2>&1 
>> >/dev/null
>> and a Python script to make a list sorted on ip address.
> Martin

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