please can you point me to right direction with this issue ?
Site A, Site B, IPA in Site A is already installed with DNS, CA  and i want to 
create replica to Site B.
OS: RHEL 7.3, IPA 4.4

Site A -
IPA_A server interfaces:
eth0:       -- access for clients in Site A
eth1:     -- interface to Site B
domain: sitea.mylab.test

Site B -
IPA_B server interfaces:
eth0:       -- access for clients in Site B
eth1:     -- interface to Site A
domain: siteb.mylab.test

IPA clients can reach only servers in their own site via eth0 - no access to 
IPA servers in other sites.
Servers can communicate with each other only via eth1.
I am having trouble to find out how to set DNS records for this scenario. 

Just now I have IPA_A installed and i want to create replica to IPA_B server.
DNS for zone sitea.mylab.test:

ipa_a    A
...      SRV  ipa_a.sitea.mylab.test

So just now in DNS I have only A record for interface facing Site A. 

Trouble is that server in Site B (ipa_b) is not able to communicate with server 
in Site A (ipa_a) via address which it gets from DNS, servers can 
communicate only on eth1 (

So when I point resolv.conf on IPA_B to IPA_A and try to run 

ipa-replica-install --principal admin --admin-password admin_password 
--setup-dns --setup-ca ...

I can not access IPA_A server because it is resolving to

So is this supported scenario ? What would be solution ? I can probably fix 
that in /etc/hosts file, but I would like to keep it all in DNS.

Thank you,


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