still trying to understand why windows clients do not pass the
authentication on a kerberized proxy in a scheme where there is forests
trust, I assumed that in a  forests trust to cross-authentication between
realms was established automatically, i am wrong about this ?

i am using freeipa 4.4.3 and i can access to any linux host enrolled in IPA
with my windows credentials, the sso work just fine from any linux host any
idea what i am missing ? Thanks in advance

2017-03-15 3:18 GMT-04:00 Carlos Raúl Laguna <>:

> Hello everyone I need some help with this I have set up an IPA 4.4.3
> server and I have established a forest trust relationship with Active
> Directory, everything looks good, after following this guide
> Php? Title = 
> Squid_Integration_with_FreeIPA_using_Single_Sign_On
> & redirect = no on linux clients has worked without problems but has not
> been so on my windows clients, I have overlooked something? How do the
> windows clients ticket should be register by the proxy? Thanks for your
> help any inside will help me .
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