On 03/17/2017 03:20 AM, Lachlan Musicman wrote:
While going through the logs on the FreeIPA server, I noticed this:

WARNING: changelog: entry cache size 2097152 B is less than db size 12804096 B;
We recommend to increase the entry cache size nsslapd-cachememsize.

I have found a number of documents:

What it is:

How to tune it:

etc etc.

I have no idea of what the secret password is for the "cn=directory manager" and
can't find any information about where I might find it or where or when it might
have been set anywhere. I have found a number of likely candidates, but none
have worked.

When you install a first IPA server, run ipa-kra-install, or install a replica (before 4.4 replica promotion) you typically write that password.

I.e. in ipa-server-install you provide 2 passwords, one for directory manager second for admin user.

I found this page:


but I'd prefer to not change the password if possible.


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