On 17/03/2017 12:48, Lukas Slebodnik wrote:
> On (17/03/17 10:40), Bob Hinton wrote:
>> On 17/03/2017 08:41, Jakub Hrozek wrote:
>>> On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 06:50:34AM +0000, Bob Hinton wrote:
>>>> Morning,
>>>> We have a collection of hosts within prod1.local.lan. However, the
>>>> domain section of the shadow netgroups for the hosts is
>>>> mgmt.prod.local.lan. This seems to prevent sudo rules working on these
>>>> hosts unless they specify all hosts -
>>>> -sh-4.2$ getent netgroup oepp_hosts
>>>> oepp_hosts           
>>>> (oeppsdas001.z2.prod1.local.lan,-,mgmt.prod.local.lan)
>>>> (oeppsdas002.z2.prod1.local.lan,-,mgmt.prod.local.lan)
>>>> (oeppservice001.z2.prod1.local.lan,-,mgmt.prod.local.lan)
>>>> (oeppredis002.z4.prod1.local.lan,-,mgmt.prod.local.lan)
>>>> (oeppredis001.z4.prod1.local.lan,-,mgmt.prod.local.lan)
>>>> -sh-4.2$ hostname
>>>> oeppredis001.z4.prod1.local.lan
>>>> -sh-4.2$ nisdomainname
>>>> local.lan
>>>> -sh-4.2$ domainname
>>>> local.lan
>>>> The VMs associated with these hosts have recently been migrated and
>>>> re-enrolled against a new IPA server. The originals all had netgroup
>>>> domains of local.lan so something must have gone wrong in the migration
>>>> process. Is there a way to correct the netgroup domains of these hosts,
>>>> or is the only option to run ipa-client-install --uninstall followed by
>>>> ipa-client-install to reattach them ?
>>> Did you remove the sssd cache after the migration?
>>>     rm -f /var/lib/sss/db/*.ldb
>>> (please make sure the clients can reach the server or maybe mv the cache
>>> instead of rm so you can restore cached credentials if something goes
>>> wrong..)
>> Hi Jakub,
>> I've now tried removing the sssd cache on one of the offending servers
>> and it's not made any difference.
>> getent netgroup oepp_hosts
>> when run from any host enrolled to the new IPA servers, including the
>> IPA masters themselves produces the results with "mgmt.prod" included
>> and the same thing run on any of the pre-migrated servers that are still
>> commissioned produces them without, so I assume that the netgroup domain
>> information is coming from the IPA masters rather than the local host.
> Could you provide content of LDIF from IPA server?
> For this netgroup/hostgroup
> LS

Hi Jakub,

I extracted the following from the userRoot ldif produced by "ipa-backup

It appears to have the incorrect domain set against nisDomainName. Could
this be changed with ldapmodify ?



# entry-id: 1485
dn: cn=oepp_hosts,cn=ng,cn=alt,dc=local,dc=lan
ipaUniqueID: 186461fa-f91d-11e6-b43d-06642ebde14b
modifyTimestamp: 20170222163643Z
createTimestamp: 20170222163643Z
modifiersName: cn=Managed Entries,cn=plugins,cn=config
creatorsName: cn=Managed Entries,cn=plugins,cn=config
mepManagedBy: cn=oepp_hosts,cn=hostgroups,cn=accounts,dc=local,dc=lan
description: ipaNetgroup oepp_hosts
memberHost: cn=oepp_hosts,cn=hostgroups,cn=accounts,dc=local,dc=lan
cn: oepp_hosts
nisDomainName: mgmt.prod.local.lan
objectClass: ipanisnetgroup
objectClass: ipaobject
objectClass: mepManagedEntry
objectClass: ipaAssociation
objectClass: top
nsUniqueId: f834f7a7-f91c11e6-a7d5eda5-d52d2b10

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