I've been running freeipa-server-4.x.x.fc25.x86_64 in systemd-nspawn selinux-
wrapped full OS containers for a while.

After upgrading to F25 on the host, systemd disabled access to the KEYRING 
ccache type from nspawn containers since the kernel keyring isn't namespaced. 
So anything that needs to get a keytab results in something like the 

-bash-4.3# kinit
kinit: Invalid UID in persistent keyring name while getting default ccache

dnf upgrades end up failing until I 'export KRB5CCNAME=FILE:/tmp/whatever' and 
manually upgrade as if I performed an offline upgrade.

Other than that, no issues to report.

Are there any concerns if I switch the krb5.com default_ccache_name on the 
freeipa systemd-nspawn servers to MEMORY or FILE?  Which would be preferred?

Thanks for the advice.  -A

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