Z D wrote:
> Hi there,
> We've been looking to add indirect maps for users home directories, and
> did the next.
> 1. There is the automount location (named "global") with one map
> "auto_home", it has keys (they are username) and mount info is
> <server>:/path
> 2. The idea is that this is "global location"
> 3. Another location (named "userdirs") has auto.master map with key =
> "/home" and mount info is like
> "ldap:automountmapname=auto_home,cn=global,cn=automount,dc=comp,dc=com"
> 4. It was added with command:
>      ipa automountkey-add userdirs auto.master --key=/home
> --info=ldap:automountmapname=auto_home,cn=global,cn=automount,dc=comp,dc=com
> 5. All work as expected, the issue is that below command shows error.
>     ipa automountlocation-tofiles userdirs
>     ipa: ERROR:
> ldap:automountmapname=auto_home,cn=global,cn=automount,dc=comp,dc=com:
> automount map not found
> Is there any concern with such design?

Arguably it's a deficiency in automountlocation-tofiles. I was having a
hard time wrapping my head around things when I wrote the automount
support oh-so-long-ago so I hacked that command up to try to see what
was being created in a file-like setting. It is, to say the least, very
simplistic code.

It doesn't parse the automountinformation attribute, it assumes it is
pointing to a key entry. It doesn't understand the ldap: prefix.

I don't believe this prefix is required but it looks like you're trying
to share the same map between two locations which we never intended.


So if this

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