I've tried googling but keep coming up with beer recipes.

How do you suggest adding the replica CA? I'm piecing together the options I want on my ipa-server-install command and am trying to understand the CA-related options.



On 03/28/2017 08:45 AM, Bret Wortman wrote:
I'm studying the best way to migrate out IPA servers (there are two) from F21 to C7. I _think_ the sequence of steps I need to perform is:

    1. Build new C7 IPA server (ipa-c) and enable replication to it.
    2. Migrate CA functions from our existing CA server (ipa-a) to
    this new one (ipa-c).
    3. Upgrade ipa-b to C7 and enable replication to it.
    4. Either upgrade ipa-a and have a third ipa server or discard the
    vm in favor of the two now in service.

Am I missing anything? Making this harder than it needs to be?

Our F21 servers are using IPA 4.1.4-1 (and pki-ca 10.2.1-3) so I'm not if replication across versions is supported between these and IPA 4.4.0 (pki-ca 10.3.3).

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