Hi Mark,

Thanks for responding.

Essentially I would like to change access log file size from 100Meg to 10Meg and change number of log files down to 5 for example.


On 03/29/2017 10:30 AM, Mark Reynolds wrote:

On 03/28/2017 07:48 PM, Josh wrote:

I wonder if possible to use 389-console with default IPA installation
on REHL 7.
This should be technically possible, but it has its risks...  You would
need to install the 389-admin/console packages, then you would have to
register your DS instance using register-ds-admin.pl - which adds the
"o=netscaperoot" suffix/backend to the server.  This backend is what the
console uses to render the UI.

I've never tried this with IPA before, and it would have other
implications.  You'd have to exclude the o=netscaperoot suffix from the
retro changelog, and possibly other plugin adjustments as well.  Sorry I
don't know IPA that well, so perhaps others on this list could comment
on other pitfalls you might run into with the added backend.
Primarily reason is to alter log settings
Really this isn't that hard from the CLI perspective.   You could write
a simple shell script for changing log levels -  I could help you with
that if need be.


without using command line tools



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