Matt . wrote:
> Nope, I provision my servers and they are added to my FreeIPA
> environment which auths my systeadmins. But on a server I provisioned
> I need to install FreeIPA as well, but without dns and ca, so it's
> doing ldap only actually.
> When I want to install FreeIPA server on this IPA client it tells me
> (which is logical):
> ipa.ipapython.install.cli.install_tool(Server): ERROR    IPA client is
> already configured on this system.
> Please uninstall it before configuring the IPA server, using
> 'ipa-client-install --uninstall'
> So what I want to do is install FreeIPA server on it but using local
> system accounts to be auth against the former IPA server the client
> was assigned to.
> So:
> IPA01 get's a host which is LDAP01 but LDAP01 needs to be installed
> with FreeIPA (no dns and CA) as well but I want to have local
> sysaccounts that login to cli and such auth against IPA01 after it's
> installed with FreeIPA and the clientconfig for sssd is not there
> anymore because of the 'ipa-client-install --uninstall'

Still very confusing. LDAP has nothing to do with this. IPA is always at
least LDAP + Kerberos + Apache + a few other minor services. So it's
better to just say no DNS and no CA, though that isn't really relevant
since those are always optional.

It sounds like what you want to do is, on the same box, install IPA
server and configure the local machine to point to a DIFFERENT IPA
server for user/group lookups?

You might be able to do it via sssd but it would be an unsupportable


> 2017-04-07 23:11 GMT+02:00 Rob Crittenden <>:
>> Matt . wrote:
>>> When I have a full ipa setup and I want to add a host to it that is
>>> installed or needs to be installed as IPA LDAP server only, is that
>>> possible ?
>> If you're asking if only 389-ds can be configured on an IPA server, no,
>> not using any IPA tools in any case.
>>> Of course the ipa-server-install complains that the agent is already
>>> configured on the host but there might be a way ? Or just copy the
>>> config back faster the IPA LDAP only server is installed ?
>> I don't understand. Seeing the error message and commands might help.
>> rob

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