Hey all, New user here.

I have a user "user1" that I want to allow a couple of different users
"userX and userY" to be allowed to ssh into "server1" and "server2", but
not both servers using ssh-keys.

So as an example. UserX will ssh user1@server2 with ssh-key, but I don't
want userY to be able to successfully run the same command.

I currently have userX and userY's public ssh-key attached to user1 and I
have created a HBAC rule to allow user1 to connect with ssh on both server1
and server2. This is allowing user1 to connect to both servers fine,
without a password. It also is allowing users (X & Y) to ssh user1@server1
and user1@server2.

How can stop that to restrict userX to be able to ssh as user1 on server1,
but not server2?

Do I need to do something with the keytabs or add the ssh-keys for userX to
the server1 host only?

Sorry if this is confusing and thank you for your help on this.

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