thanks for helping me out.
I support some 80 laptop users at the moment, all running Centos7.
The users are now in ldap, the laptops ( hosts) are not. I'm testing the
ability to add the laptops as hosts.

Under "identity - hosts", when selecting a host, I go to "actions". The
only way I see to disable ( block) a host, what I would do when
a laptop is stolen for instance, is unprovision.
I then tried to re-provision it, I see no "provision" option. I tried to
"rebuild auto membership" and " new certificate" but that doesn't seem to
I hope I'm making sense.

Greetings, J.

2017-04-10 21:37 GMT+02:00 Rob Crittenden <>:

> Johan Vermeulen wrote:
> > Hello All,
> >
> > just getting started with FreeIPA and one of the first features I'm
> > trying is adding hosts, something I can't do in our current
> > ldap-setup. So I'm looking forward to being able to do this.
> > But after adding a host, the only way I see to disable it is unprovision
> > it. And after doing that, I can' t find a way to re-provision the host.
> >
> > Can anybody point me in the right direction regarding this?
> I'm not sure I follow what you're doing and don't want to guess and send
> you on a wild goose chase :-)
> Can you elaborate on your workflow and the output you're seeing when you
> try to re-provision?
> rob
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