In the last of my testing before deployment, I had a replica server
setup but things got out of sync somehow.  Yesterday I severed the
link with the two servers, reimaged the "bad" one, and did some poking
around on the "good" one while I was at it (clearing out all of the
real user data in anticipation of making another migration run into
it).  I remember at one point I had found the default selinux user was
misconfigured, and I thought it was strange because that's on my
checklist for installing a server so I know I'd done it.  Oh well,
changed it to the proper context again and moved on.

Just this morning I made the new (previously bad) server a replica
again, and after it finished I happened into the configuration page to
find the default selinux user is back to unconfined_u:s0-s0:c0.c1023.
Both servers report this the same, as I would expect, but I don't
expect or understand why it changed again.

I don't know that I'll have time to spin up more instances and go
through the testing to see what/when/how it changed, but I wanted to
point it out in case someone who does have that time can run with the

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