Tank you very much for your response.

Adding debugging to /etc/ipa/server.conf did not add any additional 
information, but I discovered that -d flag to
ipa-replica-install gives a lot of information.

After a lot of weird stuff, problems and son on, I decided to scratch the 
entire server completely and start all over. 
Now the replica is working again. Server must have had a brain damage at some 

Venlig hilsen

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On 04/24/2017 09:37 AM, Bjarne Blichfeldt wrote:
> We had problems with one idm replica complaining about different ldap 


1/ you may find more information about the CA installation failure in 

To enable debug logs, you can create the file /etc/ipa/server.conf:
$ cat /etc/ipa/server.conf
debug = True

2/ the error in httpd/error_log may indicate that your certificate expired, 
could you check if all the certificates are still valid?
$ sudo certutil -L -d /etc/httpd/alias/ -n Server-Cert | grep  Not
             Not Before: Thu Apr 20 15:03:40 2017
             Not After : Sun Apr 21 15:03:40 2019

3/ I recall CA install issues when an old /root/cacert.p12 was left on a 
replica between uninstall and install. Can you try to delete this file and 
re-try the ipa-replica-install?


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