First wanted to thank everyone working hard to bring this awesome bundle
of applications to market.  This is a great project and I really
appreciate the efforts.

I need a hand with a new 4.4.3 install that I'm still trying to flesh
out fully to support all the services I need.

I recently attempted to add the 'CA Server' Role to a node in a replica

I ran the 'ipa-ca-install' command on the node in question but in the
middle of the operation, it unfortunately bombed out due to memory
exhaustion.  I have since doubled the RAM in the host, but I can no
longer get this system to proceed with the multitude of steps it
performs to enable this role.

When I type 'ipa server-role-find' it lists the 'CA Server' Role as
absent, but whenever I issue the command 'ipa-ca-install' to try and
re-instantiate the process of adding the role, it spits back out 'CA is
already installed on this host.'.

I'm not seeing a 'remove role' or 'force' option via any of the
tab-completed command options now available in 4.x nor is the man page
of much help.  Online documentation as well seems to be in a state of
flux between the older 3.x docs and the new 4.x functionality.

Any help is appreciated.



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