On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 07:02:08PM +0530, rajkumar wrote:
> Hello Freeipa Team,
> I am new to freeipa, I have installed freeipa for generate certificate for
> our products, I have generated certificates, its works fine, but I need to
> customized freeipa certificate form for add more fields. Suggest me how can
> I achieve this?
> Reference: please find the attachment of certificate form. I need to add
> more fields to that form.
What is your use case?

I suspect (but please clarify) that it does not really matter to you
what fields we display in the UI, but rather, what is actually in
the certificate.  Could you please clarify:

1. What you actually need put into the certificate(s)

2. What you want displayed when viewing a cert in the Web UI, that
   is not currently displayed.


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