Hi Dewangga,

> [root@idm ~]# ipa sudorule-show sudo_rules_rekanalar
>  Rule name: sudo_rules_rekanalar
>  Enabled: TRUE
>  Command category: all
>  RunAs User category: all
>  RunAs Group category: all
>  User Groups: rekanalar
>  Host Groups: rekanalarservers
>  Sudo Option: !authenticate
> ## Client
> [user@server02-v2 ~]$ sudo -l
> [sudo] password for user:

The rule in your example above only matches users in the group "rekanalar" on 
servers in the host group "rekanalarservers".  Is the user "user" in your 
example in that group and is the host "server02-v2" in your example in that 
host group?



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