On 01/05/17 22:15, Peter Fern wrote:
> On 01/05/17 22:08, Peter Fern wrote:
>> On 27/12/16 23:32, Martin Basti wrote:
>>> It is not a user, it is a SPAM bot mining public archives. We don't
>>> have any control about it we can just un-publish archives (tested,
>>> spam stopped after that) but they contain a lot of information for users.
>> It's pretty bad - I got a dozen spam messages in response to a reply to
>> the list today, and zero legitimate replies.  If these are really being
>> scraped from the archives, can we please scrub email addresses entirely
>> from the archive?
> In fact, based on the rapidity of the spam replies, I was a little
> suspicious of the suggestion that they're being harvested from the
> public archives.  Checking the message headers reveals that these
> replies are actually being generated directly from the mailing list,
> since they contain a valid In-Reply-To Message-Id.
> So, these are actually being generated by a subscriber on the list.

Aaaand... a final note on the topic, my presumption here may be
unfounded - looks like the mail archive includes email headers as HTML
comments, so it's tough to conclude anything... still, they'd have to be
hammering the archive site to scrape and post emails with the speed they
arrive - it takes about the same time to receive a spam reply as it does
for my mail to appear on the list.

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