On Sat, 2017-05-06 at 16:43 +0300, Markovich wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> We are unable to delete ipausers group: The default users group
> cannot be removed
> But we can rename it!
> After this, if u'd like to add new user u are going to get:
> {
>     "error": {
>         "code": 4001, 
>         "data": {
>             "reason": "no such entry"
>         }, 
>         "message": "no such entry", 
>         "name": "NotFound"
>     }, 
>     "id": null, 
>     "principal": "admin@XXXX, 
>     "result": null, 
>     "version": "4.4.0"
> }
> How can I delete or fully rename ipausers group?

New IPA users are put by default in a users group, you should be able
to change the "default user group" in the global ipa configuration if
you want to rename the ipausers to a different name.

In the WebUI thi setting is under IPA Server -> Configuration
You can also use the CLI, ipa config-show will show the current value,
ipa config-mod will allow you to change it.

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