IPA/SSSD developers -

   I'm writing to give everyone involved in the IPA and sssd projects a big
"Thank You".  I've been poking at IPA for a little over 4 years now, looking
to migrate away from our 389ds LDAP configuration.  There have been lots of
hurdles to jump, bugs to fix, as well as a complete change of direction (from
migrating users to moving to an AD trust).  Along the way I have received a
huge amount of assistance from a large group of incredibly helpful people,
including (but not limited to) Jakub Hrozek, Lukas Slebodnik, Simo Sorce,
Pavel Březina, Nalin Dahyabhai, Rob Crittenden.  My apologies if I left anyone

   I have two machines left to convert to IPA and can hardly believe sometimes
that I've finally arrived at this point.  So, thanks again for everyone for
their work on this incredibly complex and critical set of software.

- Orion

Orion Poplawski
Technical Manager                          720-772-5637
NWRA, Boulder/CoRA Office             FAX: 303-415-9702
3380 Mitchell Lane                       or...@nwra.com
Boulder, CO 80301                   http://www.nwra.com

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