> I set up my freeIPA instance and it works very well for my client
> computers (Ubuntu Desktop 16.04.2 LTS), I can login via SSH using a
> freeIPA managed user account.

> But I cannot login to the GNOME 3 Desktop on the client. I used the
> netinstall ISO image of Ubuntu. During installation, I have chose
> "Ubuntu GNOME Desktop" as the only desktop.
> So my display manager is gdm3.

Err, actually, I missed something here.  You say you're running Ubuntu Desktop 
16.04.2 LTS with Gnome 3 and GDM.  However, that version/bundle ships with 
Unity and LightDM.  I'm not saying it won't work but just trying to get clarity 
on your setup and letting you know you may be deviating from the "easy" path.



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