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I am currently running 4.4.0 on a three node cluster. My domain level is currently 0 on all three nodes. Is there a reason to keep the domain level at 0? I do not plan on adding any older versions of IPA into the cluster. Is there anything I need to worry about if I elevate the domain level to 1?

My current setup is the server A is the master and B and C are replicas. I do not have replication agreements between B and C and I am looking into creating those agreements. If I increase the domain level do I have to handle anything differently if I add the B to C replication agreement?

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we recommend to raise DL to 1, it opens new functionality.

With DL1 you can create that replication agreement via webUI, and you will see your replication topology, so no more ipa-replica-manage for connecting replicas.


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