On pe, 12 touko 2017, Tym Rehm wrote:
So I'm testing a new freeipa 4.x setup that has a one-way trust to Active
Directory. I have been able to define user groups to access the AD groups
and configure the groups to work with HBAC rules. So my AD users are able
to ssh into the client machines if HBAC allows them to.

The issue I'm having is that I would like to allow the AD users to login to
the webgui. I currently have the users in the defined in the ID views
(Default Trust View). I'm only setting the Home Directory at present,
should I add to the ID view?
As Flo pointed out, login to web UI as AD user only works in FreeIPA
4.5.1+. If you have 4.4, you can only get AD users to access IPA CLI. To
do that you only need to create ID override as admin:

ipa idoverrideuser-add 'Default Trust View' u...@ad.test

Just creating an ID override without anything else is enough.

Web UI support for AD users' self-service is only in 4.5.1+ which is
currently not packaged anywhere, I guess.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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