Hi Folks,

Last week I deployed freeipa on a CentOS7 VM. The installation went very smoothly using:

    yum install ipa-server



My issue is with connecting a CentOS 7 client. On my client, I yum installed ipa-client and ipa-admintools. I than ran "ipa-client-install" and answered the setup questions (very easy and smooth).

The "getent passwd" command didn't return any users, but the "getent passwd jdoe" does give the information for the user. I found in the archives that I can set "enumerate=True" so I get a complete user listing. That seems to be working, and I was able to login with the account "jdoe" (brilliant!).

Problem 1:

I created a user group on the ipa server  with the following attributes:

   name = xyx,  gid = 1000

I changed the user "jdoe" to have gid = 1000, but when I ssh into the ipa client, I get the following message after
logging in:

/usr/bin/id: cannot find name for group ID 1000

A "getent group" command does list the group:     xyz:*:1000:

A "groups" command issued by the user shows:   xyz

files created by the user show the correct ownership and group.

Problem 2:

I've been looking through the freeipa groups and literature and I can't figure out how to limit user login access to
an ipa client by a memberOf group.

When I was using CentOS 6 and 7 I could use the nslcd.conf file to put in a group filter like:

passwd (&(objectClass=posixAccount)(memberOf=CN=test,OU=Groups,DC=abc,DC=xyx,DC=edu))

I tried changing the access_provider to simple and using the "simply_allow_groups = test", but that didn't work. However, using "access_provider = ipa" and "filter_users" did allow me to filter out a user from the "getent passwd" command.

I tried changing the access_provider to ldap and using the filter "ldap_access_filter = memberOf=cn=test=OU=Groups,DC=abc,DC=xyx,DC=edu
but that failed too.

I'd appreciate any suggestions


- signed an "ipa newbie"
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