On ke, 17 touko 2017, Christopher Lamb wrote:
.... and I was feeling left out because I wasn't getting any spam, despite
other users reporting it.

Then I posted a new thread a few days ago, and within seconds I got several
spams, and did so for each post I made on that thread.

So I as far as I can see something is picking up fresh posts, and
responding to those.  I will probably get another dose (of spam) following
this post .....
We discussed this topic multiple times in past on this list, you can
check archives for details. There is no a subscribed person that spams.
It is a bot using archives to retrieve emails.

We are in a process to migrate to a different mail list provider
(lists.fedoraproject.org) this week, you'll get a notification soon.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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