I am working with this atm. There isn't much RAM being used. I typically
see 600M used as cache. And only about 150M used for the services
running. This is supposed to be a dedicated freeipa-server. I will try
and run the installation again until it fails, and looks at the memory

You received this bug notification because you are a member of FreeIPA,
which is subscribed to dogtag-pki in Ubuntu.

  Timing problems with FreeIPA installation

Status in dogtag-pki package in Ubuntu:
Status in freeipa package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  While installing FreeIPA I came accross two situations that turned out
  to be timing problems. In both cases, the installation procedure was
  attempting to access the certificate server immediately after a
  restart, and the server was not listening.

  The first one is at step 10 of "Configuring certificate server

    [10/28]: importing CA chain to RA certificate database
    [error] RuntimeError: Unable to retrieve CA chain: [Errno 111] Connection 
  ipa.ipapython.install.cli.install_tool(Server): ERROR Unable to retrieve CA 
chain: [Errno 111] Connection refused

  The second is at step 25:

    [25/28]: migrating certificate profiles to LDAP
    [error] NetworkError: cannot connect to 
'https://server.name:8443/ca/rest/account/login': Could not connect to 
server.name using any address: (PR_ADDRESS_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERROR) Network address 
type not supported.

  My solution was to add a delay at the top of the functions for those

  def __import_ca_chain(self):
      + ##======================
      + # Add wait time to allow certificate server to start up
      + # 
      + time.sleep(10)

      chain = self.__get_ca_chain()


  def migrate_profiles_to_ldap():
      """Migrate profiles from filesystem to LDAP.

      This must be run *after* switching to the LDAPProfileSubsystem
      and restarting the CA.

      The profile might already exist, e.g. if a replica was already
      upgraded, so this case is ignored.

      + ##======================
      + # Add wait time to allow certificate server to start up
      + # 
      + time.sleep(20)


  It might be necessary to adjust the sleep time.

  These bugs are intermittent and they may not appear at all. In my
  case, one KVM machine had no problems whatsoever while another had
  problems at the "migrate profiles ..." step. Both problems showed up
  on one Raspberry Pi. There were also time differences between runs.
  So, one needs to be _very_ patient.

  This is all on Ubuntu Xenial. freeipa-server 4.3.1-0ubuntu1.
  The RaspberryPi is a pi 2B

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