> | argp-standalone-1.3 And remove references to getopt.  FreeBSD uses
> | unistd, which seems to have been detected, but the separate
> | references to getopt were not removed - is this a configure bug?
> | Sorry I'm not a C coder
> |
> | grep -r getopt.h *
> | vi work/freeipmi-0.1.3/bmc-watchdog/src/bmc-watchdog.c
> | vi work/freeipmi-0.1.3/ipmipower/src/ipmipower_config.c
> | vi work/freeipmi-0.1.3/libfreeipmi/src/ipmi-ping.c
> |
> | I just dd'd the #include <getopt.h> lines.
> `----
> I did not know about this issue. GNU Coding Standards recommends argp
> library. Currently some tools uses argp library and some getopt. I
> think it is better to use argp uniformly through out the code base. We
> will take care of this bug in the next release. (Albert can you take
> care of this bug?)

What does GNU Standard recommend for the case when libc is not glibc?
Is there a standalone GNU argp package?

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