> this is a 'cvs diff' on top level for updated freetalk.texi and
> --help/--usage/--version and a bugfix in IP validation in bmc-autconfig

Why did you looking at "echo"s path for BMC_CONFIG?
<  BMC_CONFIG=$(which bmc-config 2>/dev/null) || {
>  BMC_CONFIG=$(which echo 2>/dev/null) || {
If you want to know the install prefix this his how you should do.
Add your bmc-autoconfig as bmc-autoconfig.in. Let autoconf rewrite
@prefix@ variable with the path info. Also you need to add
fish/scripts/bmc-config/bmc-autoconfig line to AC_CONFIG_FILES in

Next time when you submit a patch, please follow these guide lines:
 # ls
# diff -pruN freeipmi freeipmi-hacked > NAME_OF_FIX-FREEIPMI_VER.diff

Mail the patch as inline mail message to freeipmi-devel (@) gnu.org
with subject: [PATCH: freeipmi] actual subject
If not submit through Savannah web interface :p

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