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| AB, Bala,
| Argh!  So libgcrypt doesn't implement md2.  According to the docs:
| GCRY_MD_MD2 This is an reserved identifier for MD-2; there is no
| implementation yet.
| After thinking about it for a minute or two on the best way deal
| with this, I've decided to keep the current code for IPMI 1.5.  In
| other words, we'll stick with the MD2 and MD5 libraries I added into
| libfreeipmi from ipmipower.
| I'll be removing my SHA1 and HMAC code in favor of gcrypt for all
| IPMI 2.0 stuff.
| Al
Sounds good to me. May be you should contribute your MD2 and MD5 to
libgcrypt project. 

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