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| Ab, Bala, etc.,
| I'm starting some development in the branch 'al_ipmi_2_0_branch'.
I am thinking if you should start IPMI-2.0 work in the current branch
itself. We can always say 2.0 support as experimental. Otherwise you
will still have to go thru the pain of merging at some point.

I should have made a test release 2 weeks ago. But Bala got struck
with the new LAN stack as he is developing on a remote system. It has
a bug. It seems to lock the BMC for auth-types other than
AUTH_TYPE_NONE and the system needs physical power-cycle (removing the
power chord). Can you continue his work and see what went wrong in the
new code. 

I suspect it has to do with session and session-auth header. 

After you fix this bug, I want add support for
per-message-auth-disable. This means if lan-channel-auth-caps reports
per-message-auth as disabled, then session-auth will be used only
during session initiation. Bala will take care of this. Immediately
after finishing this we will make a test release.

I am still travelling and should be back on 11th. 

Anand Babu 
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