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| After having some difficulties using the fiid interface recently, it
| sort of makes sense to me that this should be changed for consistency
| with the rest of the library.  'alloc' is not a libc function, so this
| function does not match any of the other fiid functions that emulate
| their libc equivalents (i.e. fiid_obj_memset and memset, fiid_obj_alloca
| and alloca).  Also, 'alloc' is a bit confusing, b/c you don't know if it
| means "alloca" or "malloc" (and underneath, it actually calls calloc :P).
| >
| It's just a thought.  We could make a backwards compatability function
| that points fiid_obj_alloc to fiid_obj_malloc.

Make sense, I don't know why I named it so. I will rename to xxx_malloc
and have a macro to alloc for compatibility (for a while). 
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