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| Whoah!  Why the sudden change in opinion? :-)
In the past, much of the tools were written by Bala and me. Guile
Scheme is like a rapid application development tool for us. We can
implement the tools and maintain them with very less effort. Much of
our focus were on the driver and C APIs. If you notice, only the user
interface and control-flow code is in Scheme. 

But now, GNU FreeIPMI project has grown bigger and seeking wider
adoption/contribution from the community. Most of our users are system
administrators and system programmers who are C and perl/python
hackers. We certainly want them too hack and contribute. 

So moving forward, all our code base will be in C language. "fish"
will continue to exist as a high-level language binding -
"scripting-interface". Routine maintenance tasks such as PEF email/SMS
alerts, SEL to mysql log can be easily achieved through fish. 
After Guile gets python->scheme translator, users can seamlessly 
use Python scripting over fish. 

Anand Babu 
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